What to Know to Improve The Engine of Your Car

The car is one luxury item that has a myriad of features, such as a sophisticated sound system, GPS, and safety and driving comfort. To make the car even more attractive, a modification is the choice of many drivers, ranging from light modifications that only play on stickers, and does not change many car bodies to extreme modifications that even change the entire body of the car and the original is only the engine. What do you think about 0-60 times? If you want to add your car’s engine easily, it would be better to follow the following tips:


Repairing the exhaust system

This exhaust system concerns the exhaust problem, you can use the exhaust to increase the power produced by the engine, because the exhaust is included into the type of free flow, this type of exhaust in the silencer is less or even absent, its function is to expedite the combustion process, so that combustion becomes effective. Actually the use of racing exhaust is at risk, namely noisy noise and fast engine damage because the kickback of the high exhaust process causes the parts in the engine to wear out quickly, actually the racing exhaust is used in racing vehicles to increase engine power.

Use high quality fuel

Fuel (BBM) also needs to be considered, choose fuel with high octane. Well, the latest cars have recommended using high octane fuels because the parts of the new car engine are more sophisticated and more precise so more recommended to use good fuel. Using good fuel will improve the performance of your car’s engine and can also make the engine durable because the combustion process is also more effective.

Reset your machine

You can set the combustion process so that the power produced is more effective and the power out can be channeled to other parts of the machine properly, in older vehicles that have not used an injection system, the setting process is still manual, but on new vehicles that use an injection and turbocharged system or Supercharged processes are carried out using a computer because the part in charge of mixing fuel and air during the combustion process is regulated by more sophisticated electronic devices.