Knowing Steel Frames As Roof

When you build a house, you will usually begin to take into account the parts of the house that you need to fix, one of which is a lightweight steel roof truss. As a roof, mild steel is often ogled by those who build homes or renovate homes. Light steel is currently widely used as a substitute for conventional wood or steel as a roof frame. roofer always knows that the roof framework made of CRC or cold rolled coil material has a mass that is light but strong and sturdy as a roof defense of the house. Mild steel has a high quality with a tensile strength above 550 MPA. Currently on the lightweight steel market has consisted of various types with tensile forces that range from 650 MPA to 920 MPA. Mild steel is usually produced with a C profile, although there are other profiles such as Land box/hollow. Profiles on mild steel serve to enhance the compressive force.

Lightweight steel roof truss can be installed in a relatively short time because of its lightweight and can be connected with various types of connections. Compared to conventional wood or steel roof truss, the roof frame has several advantages, namely the lightweight steel properties facilitate the process of transportation and roof frame construction. The high strength per unit of weight makes lightweight steel has the potential dead because small enough. Steel is produced with a uniform quality standard so that its quality does not change much throughout its use. Manufactured in the factory, lightweight steel roof truss also has consistent quality. Although mild steel has many advantages and advantages over other materials, there are some mild steel deficiencies that need to be anticipated during the construction process ie if any parts have miscalculations or greetings in the installation process, then other parts of the roof will be affected. Therefore, lightweight steel roof truss needs to be more meticulous than other materials. Work on lightweight steel roof truss should be made working drawings first so that the roof can be built and function properly.