Practical Tips To Stay Top Ranking

Your dynamic structure Your business may change over the years, and it makes sense that your site structure will reflect this change. If you do not think about the structure of your website regularly, it can grow into this horrible collection of pages. Your page or product may not be in line with your navigation anymore, and your site’s coherence cannot be found.

– Tell Google About Changes Website Structure
If you have not manually created an HTML sitemap, update the sitemap after changing the structure of your site. Most likely you have an XML sitemap, sending it back to Google Search Console. You can visit charlotte seo company to get help.

– Overcoming Your Web page Duplication
The same content can appear in several locations on your site. As a reader, you don’t mind: You will get the content you are looking for. But search engines need to choose which ones to show in search results because they do not want to display the same content twice.