Liposuction for Those Who Want to Lose Unwanted Fat


Is liposuction the best option for you? If you then simply answer yes, especially after you consult with the right surgeon, then you should prepare the money to pay Sonobello prices. Before and after liposuction surgery, you don’t immediately produce fantastic changes. You need to wear elastic bandages or special clothes that tightly coat the entire body after surgery to reduce swelling that occurs for days or even weeks. You need a strict diet to see the maximum results for several months. If you gain weight after surgery, potentially high fat can appear in new and unexpected places.

Essential liposuction is still carried out with surgical procedures, which will certainly have short and long-term effects on your body’s health. Ask your doctor to explain all the potential risks and complications that can occur. The biggest risk that can occur is blood clots or lumps of fat that move through the bloodstream to the lungs or brain. A more common risk is usually, the presence of bleeding, infection, bruising, skin discoloration, and numbness in the part that is sucked in fat.

Before you decide to do liposuction, it’s best to find out how much it will cost. Generally, individuals think that liposuction procedure isn’t cheap, fortunately, health insurance is still rare that covers the risks of liposuction procedures. Most plastic surgeons will arrange and allocate the payment for the surgery, but you will still pay for anesthesia, hospitalization, medication, and the risk of complications that may occur.

It turns out that fat cells that are discarded can become valuable in the future. That’s because fat cells obtained from liposuction are excellent sources of absorbed fat stem cells (good fat), the type of fat stem cells that function to produce bones, cartilage, muscles, and other tissues in the body. Some preliminary research shows that fat stem cells can help people with heart disease, diabetes, and neurological diseases.