Know What to Prepare for Your Umrah

Please note, the best time to visit Raudah is at night. Many people are competing to pray in this place, so Raudah is almost never empty. People around Medina say night is the best time to visit Raudah because the atmosphere is lonelier than during the day. A few hours before Isha or a few hours before dawn is the best time to pray in Raudah because the atmosphere is calmer so it is suitable for self-reflection. The best service like the one available on can provide you with the best service which meets your desire and needs. This means that you can ask any question that may be required during your worship preparation.

You can also visit the site in Mecca. The best time to visit holy sites in Medina is the morning, between the rising dawn and the Zuhr. You can visit places like the site of the Battle of Uhud and the Quba Mosque, the first mosque built by the Prophet Muhammad. Don’t forget to pray 2 rak’ahs at Quba Mosque!