Do not Wear Socks Indiscriminately

There are actually no specific rules governing how you should wear Colorful Socks or whatever motif. Socks are only used as a foot protector before wearing shoes to prevent the feet from abrasions and reduce unpleasant odors due to the use of long-lasting moist shoes. But in the latest fashion, indirectly has formed how to wear socks in accordance with the style of dress.

Therefore, wearing socks cannot be done carelessly. The proper use of socks and in accordance with the style of dressing and activities that you want to do will add a plus to your overall appearance. The mistake that men often wear in socks is not paying attention to the use of white socks. White socks are more suitable to use when you’re exercising or going to a sporty event. Or maybe you use while sleeping. It is also strictly forbidden to use white socks in any event.