How to clean your vaporizer properly

You need to listen carefully to a few steps to make your coil clean and ready to be used again so that it can create the same taste as when you first installed the coil. On the other hand, you may want to learn how to turn concentrates into e liquid as well.

The first step is to open the cover of your RDA.

Second, you need to remove the cotton that is attached to the coil using tweezers that you have prepared, do this step slowly so that the coil is not broken or damaged.

And after you finish pulling cotton now you need to press the fire button or burn on your mod until your coil turns red to a red color.

Then release the fire burn button.

And put the coil into the water, keep in mind that the water is just the coil and the RDA just don’t get too deep, especially until the mod gets submerged into the water this can make the mod become conglomerate and make damage to your mod.

Well, if it has been dipped, the dirt will be left in the glass containing the water.

If you feel the coil is still quite dirty you can repeat the step until it is completely clean but if your coil is not so dirty you can do it just once.

Don’t forget to clean the water that attaches to the RDA by using a tissue so that it doesn’t drip into the mod and cause a short.