How can reviews increase the SEO rank

Not a few SEO service players who do various ways to make their clients’ websites can penetrate the Google search engine by reviewing websites or commonly called by posting through dummy blogs. But whether all types of dummy blogs can be used to review or can get a ranking of one? Before you do it, you must review in more detail so that the effect of the web review is better and not just a review. In addition, there are a number of considerations that must be known to obtain blog reviews so that it can improve your website’s SEO ranking. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to hire Charles Brian International for improving your website’s rank.

1. Website Must Have Good Reputation

Of course, it’s useless if you make a review using a web that does not have a good reputation. For that, the web that you want to make a review must have a DA & PA at least a website that can be used to have DA 15. Although the price of the review is expensive, of course, you will get a high SEO ranking. If you are running an online business, even though it is sold at a high price but has a good impact on your website, this is certainly not a problem.

2. Consider Domain Age

The thing that makes your website can go up to the first page of Google is by choosing a web for reviews with a long age, at least the age of the domain has reached 1 year or more. Make no mistake to choose the age of this domain, because the popularity of the domain is one of the most important factors that can improve SEO.

3. Website Reviews Have Been Top Ranking

Keep in mind if it is very useless if you want to make web reviews but the web is not on the first page of Google based on the category of keywords searched. As is known if a website that has a good reputation is a web that has been and has been on the first page of search engines. So if you want your website to reach the money bags from the advertiser, it would be nice for your website to be pushed to the top ranking.