Know The Cause And How To Treat Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is easy in warm and humid climates. This disease is also more common in people with immune disorders such as those with diabetes, cancer, and HIV infection. This infection itself can spread throughout the nail, including the foundation, the plates, and the nail roots.

Nail fungus cannot be considered trivial because it can be very painful. Of course, this infection can be prevented if you keep your feet and hands clean. If the nail fungus has already grown, consult with a dermatologist or visit diettalk to get the appropriate treatment.

The cause of this nail disease is a dermatophyte fungus. In addition, yeast (Candida) is sometimes also responsible for the occurrence of onychomycosis. When nail conditions are warm and moist, nail fungus will happily make your nails as their habitat.

Nail fungus often attacks the toenail than the fingers. This is because the ordinary toe is in a condition that makes the fungus easy to grow, such as dark, warm, and damp. In addition, nail fungus is also riskier in people with problems in the bloodstream in the legs.

Some things that affect the ease of attacking nail fungus are:

Has damage to the skin or nails.
Be in a humid environment.
Wear shoes that make your feet feel hot and sweaty.
Share towel with others.
Routine wearing cosmetics on fingernails or fingernails.
Too often wash hands or touch with water for a long time.
Have certain diseases, such as diabetes, psoriasis, or weakness of the immune system.
Often walking barefoot.

Although not a serious illness, but nail fungus takes a long time to treat it. At least, it takes at least two to four months for you to be free of nail fungus. In addition, even if you have been treated and treated, nail fungus may come back if you do not keep your nails clean properly.